AGLA Constitution



We, the members of the Ghanaian Lawyers Association of America do hereby create a body corporate under the name of ASSOCIATION OF GHANAIAN LAWYERS OF AMERICA with the acronym AGLA, for the purposes of promoting freedom and justice in Ghana and the United States of America, serving the needs of members of the Ghanaian and American communities in their understanding of and access to the law, and educating and assisting member attorneys in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

AGLA is set up to provide a forum for Ghanaian Lawyers in the United States to address matters relevant to their profession, to advocate and support the advancement of Ghana and its people while serving as a dominant link between Ghana and the United States.

Said corporation shall have the power: to acquire, by lease or purchase, a suitable building, library, and furniture for the use of the corporation; to borrow money for such purposes, and to secure the same by mortgage; and generally to acquire and take by purchase, gift, devise, bequest and to hold, transfer, and convey all or any real or personal property as may be necessary for attaining the objects, and carrying into effect the purposes of such corporation; provided that, it shall not hold any real estate, the value of which shall exceed in the aggregate the value authorized under